The Heritage Home Elangalloor Mana

Nov 01, 2015
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The long verandah and the three storied 'Malika' in laterite structure are the aesthetic features of Elangallur Mana, situated at Thalore, near Thrissur town.

Elangalloor Mana, the ancestral home of the Nambuthiris of Elangalloor family is situated at Thalore, just a few miles from Thrissur town in Kerala(India). The long verandah and the three storied 'Malika' in laterite structure are the aesthetic features of the Mana which strikes you. The main entrance is from the west. The Mana comes under the 'Ettu kettu' category and consists of two Nadumittam, the inner courtyards. The larger courtyard (about 250 sq ft) surrounded by verandahs and small halls and a corner room which functions as a shrine where their family deity is worshipped. The roofs of the verandahs are well structured with simple wooden carvings on it. Some other deities are also worshipped at the centre of the courtyard. A two storied building at south was the granary.  The second courtyard is smaller and the Kitchen, work area etc are around it.  The three storied block 'Malika' is an annex to the courtyard. It's a small block with two rooms on each floor and an attic.

According to Narayanan Nambuthiri, the present descendant of the family, there are no records for ascertaining the age of the building but it has to be over 100 years old. He also said that many portions of the huge Mana complex has been demolished due to the difficulty in maintaining it. Now Narayanan Nambuthiri along with his wife, children and mother resides in the Mana. His brothers are staying in separate homes close by.

 The family been traditionally engaged in tantric rituals and Narayanan Namboothiri also performs these rituals at the family shrine. One of his brothers and his father's brothers do also follow the same tradition of performing tantric rituals in temples.

 The Mana is situated in a farmland, which is full of trees and plants like coconut, Mango, plantain etc. There are two sacred groves and a traditional pond in this property. Sacred groves are dedicated to snake gods, of that one is conserved still with untouched foliage. Narayanan Nambuthiri believes that conserving this heritage is part of their living.  

Location/access: Thalore, 9km from Thrissur (near Ollur); From Thalore main centre, its only 500m.

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