Theyyam paintings ‘God’s Own Dances’

May 01, 2015 | Vol. 7, Issue 3
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Since many years, Theyyam, the divine dance of North Kerala has been an attraction for many Researchers, artists and travelers from all over the world. Ms. Madina, a lady artist from Portugal, conducted an exhibition of her paintings in Kannur from 06- 10 March 2015, based on the performing ritual art, Theyyam . The exhibition titled “Gods Own Dance' with a collection of paintings on Theyyam is her first exhibition in India.

Born in Tatarstan and living in Portugal, Madina Ziganshina is an international artist with immense experience of conducting exhibitions in many European countries. She paints in the style of Magical Realism, which is realistic painting (Portraits, Landscapes, Compositions) with introduction of the dream-like elements, paint dots and color splashes. Apart from seeing different places, her passion for travelling has enabled her to understand different cultures and imbibe the hues and colours of human expressions.

Madina's maiden visit to India was in 2012 and she had spent months together visiting different places in India including Kerala.  This year she came specifically to the state of Kerala with her husband Filipe Pereira, who is a research scholar studying on Theyyam tradition.

“During this period of time I was totally involved into the creative work of research and painting – visiting Theyyam performances, spending nights at kavus and painting my impressions in day time – which has resulted as a series of 15 watercolor pictures on which the Dance of the Gods is in Focus,” said Madina about her two months of stay in Kannur.  She also commented “What was foremost for me was to depict the motion in which Theyyam dwells all the time and the dramatic relation of some Gods with fire. It was worthy to be precise about the costumes and face painting details of the Theyyam which are pieces of art in itself. I received valuable advices in this regard from my friends who belong to the Theyyam performers' family, and I am very thankful to them.”

The exhibition was held at Brushman's Art Gallery, Kannur and was organized and facilitated by Travel Kannur group. Travel Kannur ( is a Tour operator based at Kannur, promoting Kannur as an international tourist destination with special emphasis on Theyyam festivals and its socio-cultural, artistic, spiritual and ritualistic importance. Madina can be contacted through her website (

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